Naples & Pompeii

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who love Naples and those who don’t.  I am in the later category while Carolyn is in firmly in the “loved Naples” camp.  For me, Naples was crowded, dirty, narrow winding streets packed full of tiny street stores selling junk and absolutely no road rules what-so-ever!  Driving in Naples is truely a life threatening experience, if you can survive driving in Naples you can drive anywhere.

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Goodbye Rome

It’s our last night and day in Rome, the eternal city.  Six days have been more than enough to see and experience most of what a big city has to offer.  No doubt there was more we could have seen, more tours we could have joined and more ancient sites we could have visited, they are everywhere. 

The thing we have enjoyed most is wandering around the city without an agenda or tour schedule.  This way you get to meet local Romans and discover cafes that are visited by locals more than tourists and deli’s selling all sorts of smoked meat and salami, cheese, olives and wine. We made this our dinner on more than one occasion. 

One of our favorite places to eat was a small family run pizza and pasta place call Grano.  Not just because the pizza and pasta were fantastic and all made on site by hand, but because of the owner Domenico and his uncle who were very welcoming and excited to see us every time we visited.

You will find Grano’s down a set of stairs that lead from Via Quattro Novembre to Via Magnanapoli.  Across from Grano’s is a great little Gelato place and on the corner at the top of the stairs you will find authentic Sicily Canoli. 

We learnt the hard way that it’s a good idea to avoid restaurants and cafe’s that have people out the front trying to get you to come inside, especially if they are speaking english. They are expensive and the food isn’t great. 

As we prepare to leave Rome and head to Naples we woke early decided to have one last look at the Trevi Fountain.  If you want to see it without 1000’s of people then early in the morning is the way to go.  It was one last kiss as we said goodbye to Rome! 


The Holiday Has Started!

We have begun our trip to Italy! I’m not sure about you but we begin our holiday the moment we step out the door. Catching the train and the flight are all part of the journey for us.

We love the adventure of travelling and this trip has had the added bonus of starting off in the AMEX Airport Lounge. We haven’t visited an airport lounge before and I must admit it’s a pretty cool way to start our trip. There is unlimited champagne, wine, beer cheese and hot food. We could get use this.  

Ahead of us is 24hrs and 30min of travelling time before we touch down in Rome, and while we might arrive a little tired and smelly due to 40hrs from our last shower, we will certainly arrive excited and ready to explore and experience the sites and sounds, along with the tastes of Italian wine and food. 

Melina asked me before I left what I was looking forward to the most? Firstly I am looking forward to having uninterrupted and hurried time with Carolyn, I’m looking forward to building new memories and shared experiences.  I’m certainly looking forward to taking lots of photos and doing lots of walks.  I’m looking forward to just being away. 

Next stop Italy!

This Week!

It’s our last week!  On Saturday we board the plane and head to Italy and Northern France.   It has been several years since we had a decent break and I am certainly looking forward to a break from the week-to-week stuff, emails, meetings, phone calls, and did I say emails?  While I love what I do and feel called to what I do, I’m looking forward to the break and looking forward to spending uninterrupted and unhurried time with Carolyn.