Positano and the Amalfi Coast

The last four days in Positano have been the best so far, at least for me, on our Italy trip.  Positano is absolutely beautiful and peaceful, for the first time in a a long I truly feel relaxed.   Positano has been a great place to sleep in, wander and sit and take in the views.  Its unhurried nature and relaxing atmosphere was exactly what we needed.





Carolyn booked an absolute spectacular place to stay is Positano, it’s a good sized one bedroom apartment with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and spectacular views!  We have absolutely loved our time here and would recommend it to anyone considering staying in Positano, here is the link – everyone should consider staying in Positano at least once in their lifetime.  Link to Positano Accomodation 

Every afternoon we enjoyed drinks by the beach at one of the many beach-side bars.  Carolyn had her daily Aperol Spritz and I am committed to the big beers.  Afternoon drinks come with a selection of peanuts, chips and olives, which is often enough for a late lunch for us. 

From Positano you can catch a ferry to Capri and/or Amalfi.  If you have to choose just one we would highly recommend Amalfi over Capri any day.  Once at Amalfi be sure to catch the bus to Ravello and visit the Villa Cimbrone, this is were Wonder Woman was filmed.  It has some of the most spectacular views you will see anywhere in the world. 


Tomorrow we embark on a 6hr road trip to Assisi, driving along the rest of the Amalfi Coast and then up the middle of Italy.  I’m really looking forward to visiting Assisi, St Francisi has been one of my hero’s of faith for a log time now.   I’m also looking forward to the drive and getting away from the normal tourist destinations. 

Link to Positano photos – http://altmanstravel.com/photos/positano/

Link to Amalfi photos – http://altmanstravel.com/photos/amalfi/

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  1. Love all the photos and reading about your beautiful time in Positano!
    It’s our favorite can’t help but fall in love with this part of Italy😍
    Much love and safe travels for today.
    Sharon xx

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